Thanks for reading our blog this year,

We write them with feeling and lots of cheer.

With GDUFA, QbD, and OPQ to understand,

Our team searched for news from throughout the regulated land.

The year 2105 went by so quick,

Picking the best blog topics was really the trick.

We hope you have gained knowledge from our hard work,

And because of that, the regs and policy have a little less murk.

We will be gone for only two weeks,

Then back on line with what you seek.

So enjoy the season while you can,

‘Cause next year’s business goals are surely to be grand.


Happy holiday to all of our readers and friends.  May you be safe this season and healthy in the year to come.  Our hope is that you found the blog informative, useful, and that it has also brought you a few smiles along the way.  We will be back after the first of the year.  Don’t forget to provide your feedback and let us know if there are topics you would like us to cover in 2016.

Thanks again!

Bob Pollock and the rest of the Lachman team