In today’s global marketplace, industry is responsible for adhering to regulations in all markets that their products are in. Today’s pharmaceutical supply chain also likely contains partners that are across many geographic regions, and regulators expect conformity. In addition, regulators expect proactive compliance, and concerns about a retroactive “lack of assurance” of GMP are frequently the cause of a recall.  It is particularly cumbersome to monitor regulatory developments in small markets that do not receive much coverage by industry publications.  How is it possible to monitor all the regulations that a company must adhere to? Lachman Consultants has a solution. We can provide you with a customized, scalable biweekly report, covering only the specific geographies, regulators, dosage forms, and type of submission that your company requires, providing a review of the trends, allowing a company to move nimbly and proactively plan in the face of changing global regulatory requirements. Please download our White Paper on this services at the link below, and contact Linda Evans O’Connor for more information.


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