Here we are, another Thanksgiving almost in the books, and reading the newspaper or listening to the news makes one wonder what we have to be thankful for. Then an old Bing Crosby song comes to mind… “You’ve got to ac-cent-u-ate the positive, e-lim-in-ate the negative. Latch on to the affirmative. Don’t mess with Mister In-Between.” And it always makes me feel somewhat better and brings a new perspective to my thinking.

As we look at the events of the past year and peek forward into the coming year, I think that there is a lot of hope and thanks to be realized. The COVID-19 vaccine has dramatically slowed the number of cases for the vaccinated and also greatly decreased the death rate from this terrible pandemic (get your shots if you haven’t already – they are free!). There has been a concerted effort to deter deliberate misinformation. One item I read in this regard is a bit funny: “Santa has been watching you this year – looks like most of you are getting science books.” The stock market continues to perform well. The FDA is still the FDA, but we all know there is not much we can do about that – just kidding! Seriously, the Agency has approved a number of orphan products as well as a number of first-in-class life-altering or life-saving drugs. If we can only think of a way to ensure reasonable profits without breaking the bank, maybe the pressure on price reduction will abate.

All-in-all, we seem to be coming out of the worst of the pandemic and hopefully next Thanksgiving we will report it has all but gone and we can get back to life as we knew it! Maybe the supply chain will be working as it should and we can find the items we need without that nasty online message telling us that our order has been delayed. Maybe prices will stabilize and retreat. But for this year, stay safe and healthy! We at Lachman hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy your loved ones and your friends! Be kind to others and reach out a helping hand to those in need. We will see you back in the trenches next week!