(Westbury, NY— November 2020) Lachman Consultant Services, Inc. (Lachman Consultants), a provider of compliance, regulatory, and technical consulting services to the global pharmaceutical and related industries, was recently named a “Top-Ten Medical Device Consulting Company” by highly-regarded, industry publication MedTech Outlook. In making the announcement in its September issue, the monthly periodical outlined that its goals in creating the list was to identify “…prominent consulting companies in the industry that solve medical device manufacturing challenges” and to “…help the medical device manufacturing fraternity strengthen their infrastructure and enable growth.”

Lachman Consultants was also prominently featured in the recent September 2020 awards issue of MedTech Outlook. In the extensive article, the magazine detailed the areas of distinction and excellence which earned Lachman Consultants the coveted designation. Of particular interest was the organization’s experience and expertise in the areas of compliance and regulatory requirements. MedTech points out in the article, that “while other consulting companies have been continually moving in and out of the regulatory compliance landscape, Lachman Consultants stayed true to its core offering since its inception and have evolved according to clients’ business requirements.”

Featured prominently in the article are Lachman Consultants’ industry-acknowledged experts: Executive Director, Ricki Chase, and V.P. & Chief of Staff, Linda Evans O’Connor.

Ms. Evans O’Connor states, “Over the last four decades, we’ve been helping these sectors in many ways, such as preparing and responding to inspections, filling applications, remediating unforeseen challenges and proactively building systems to address the regulatory requirements.”

Noted for its comprehensive, holistic approach, Lachman Consultants serves its clients through three service groups; the Compliance Group, comprised of a group of former FDA veterans and experts from the medical device industry; a Regulatory Affairs Group, which features former FDA senior-level managers and FDA reviewers and; the Science and Technology Group, which holds a deep and expansive understanding of the technical challenges to address the myriad of compliance issues that clients may encounter.

Lachman Consultants is consistently expanding its menu of services to assist its clients in eliminating compliance roadblocks. One example is expanded compliance guidance in ground-breaking areas of products like auto-injectors, pre-filled syringes, and patch delivery systems.

In addition to the numerical accolade, the number “10” is of further significance in that all consultants working as part of Lachman Consultants three practice groups have a minimum of ten years’ experience in the industry or related regulatory agencies. Ricki Chase concludes, “Over the years, we have gained a comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory nuances. We leverage it to enable our clients to jump through complex regulatory hoops.”