Well, June was apparently another good month for the OGD FDA work-from-home teams as the unofficial counts of the numbers show they managed 74 full approval actions and 5 tentative approval actions.  The 74 full approval actions represented the highest total in a single month thus far in FY 2020, beating the next highest of 65 in the month April and every month since 83 actions were issued in April of FY 2019.  Tentative approval actions were the lowest for not only the FY, but also going back to February of FY 2018, when 5 tentative approval actions were also issued.

Not much you can draw from these numbers other than to say that OGD issued a total of approximately 79 approval actions in June (numbers could change as we await the OGD official totals).  Numbers are derived from the FDA All Approvals list (here, just search for June 2020).

We will be back with more once the May stats are updated and the June numbers are officially in the books.