Current FDA Shortage List Still Heavy on Injectable Products


FDA’s drug shortage list has a total of 60 drug products in the “currently in shortage” status (see list here). As you can see from the table below, injectable products are leading the list with 46 drug products currently in shortage.

The second leading category are solid oral dosage forms and then just a few other dosage forms occupy the list as still in a shortage situation.

Products Currently Listed in Shortage Condition by Dosage Form

Injectable Solid Oral Oral Solution Nasal Spray Nasal Ointment
46 10 2 1 1


With the list being very dynamic, it is interesting to take a look at a snapshot view at the type of products that are on the list.  Historically, I believe that injectable products have led the list since FDA began keeping track of shortage products.  The Agency is doing a very good job in resolving shortage issues by working with firms and exercising enforcement discretion in certain situations of medical necessity or in situations where an enforcement action could lead to a shortage if the action will not compromise the health of the patients.  Industry also seems to be responding the shortage issues in a timelier manner.  While the causes of drug shortages are diverse, trying to resolve some of the issues leading to the shortage are more complex and require substantial more effort than others to resolve.

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