Who Are These Guys?  OGD Updates Part of Its Organizational Chart

The Office of Generic Drugs (OGD) has updated its organization chart, but trying to figure out who is who in most of the OGD Office and Divisions remains a bit mysterious.  Try to find the titles and position of many of the OGD staff and you kind of run into an electronic wall.  Even if you know their names, their position and location within OGD, they are not easily discernible.

OGD appears to have made it clear that they don’t want you to speak to too many people.  They have released a comprehensive list of the members of the Division of Project Management (DPM), an obviously vital group relative to communication with industry.  The current Division Chart (here) shows that there are 47 Regulatory Project Managers (RPMs), 10 Team Leaders for each of the teams, 3 Supervisory Project Managers, the Division Director, Deputy Director and 2 Administrative Assistants.  That’s a total of 64 professional staff in the Division.  The DPM resides within the Office of Regulatory Operations.

The only other group that is identified by name is the Immediate Office (here).  There are some other detailed organizational charts floating around that identify the Office of Product Quality staff but, again, the identity of individuals makes it crystal clear that those are the folks you should be talking to and only under the appropriate circumstances.

Maybe, as time goes on and things improve, we will see more detailed organizational charts for the different Offices and Divisions.  But until then, you can always find a person whose name you know by searching on the name at HHS Employee Directory (here). Happy hunting!