Should the Term “Natural” Be Allowed on GMO Foods? – Well, FDA Asked and the Public Answered!

Not too often do you see the public gather around an idea so emphatically and in such numbers.  This struck me when I was looking through the public comments on Docket FDA-2014-N-1207.  To date, there are about 3000 comments posted; all are available on

The issue of the docket relates to the use of the word “natural” in the labeling of human food products.  While some of the comments address other issues such as inclusion of some man-made components, the public really attacked the concept that any genetically modified organism could ever be considered labeled as “natural”.  I tried to find some positive comments, but I only had time to review a small random sample and could not find any.  Needless to say, the general public brought out their forked tongue and clearly let the FDA know what they could do with the term “natural” when it came to addressing any GMO product.  Here are a select few for your reading pleasure.  Where do you think the FDA will come out?

To view all comments to this docket please click here and click on “view all” in the comment section for this docket.

“I do NOT see GMO’s as a Natural product. GMO’s are genetically modified. NOT natural. Natural is not touched by anyone. Natural is what our Grand Parents had. Less sickness, allergies and cancers”


“The definition of ‘natural’ is: existing in or formed by nature (opposed to artificial ):
a natural bridge. Therefore, a GMO is not the least bit natural and never will be… truth in advertising. No documents available.”


“’Natural’ must become non-GMO, because as of right now, we do not have mandatory GMO labeling. GMOs, by their very nature, are man-made (unnatural.)”


“ALL GMO FOODS SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO BE LABELED, meat, dairy, poultry, pork, fish, seafood, processed foods, ALL of these should be labeled if they are not natural and not just the ones claiming to be natural. The word ‘Natural’ is abused in the food industry”


“GMOs are not natural. The fact that a gene is spliced in a lab proves that’s it not available naturally and is manmade.  Nature did not create those and therefore it is not natural. You will never find two different species together. Forget different species. You will not find different genus, family or order. These are from different kingdoms!! A bacterial gene spliced into a corn/soy gene! How is that natural?”


“If food has genetically modified organisms or GMO’s in it, It should Never be labeled ‘Natural’. That would be a False label for such a food.”


Lastly we have the “if all else fails” comment! Nice job people!


“Any product that contains manufactured ingredients, items produced in a lab, not natural as nature provides, has been genetically modified, toying with genes or the intervention of science is not viewed as natural. Certainly Gmo products are not thought of as natural and it is misleading to categorize them as such. Want to label GMOs accurately, stamp it with the letters GMO. If u really cant stop yourself them label it a ‘Natural GMO’.”