Goal Dates – the Snow Does Not Care!

While 26-30 Inches of snow fell in the Washington DC corridor, the brunt of the storm has hit the FDA with offices being closed today while the dig out continues.  For those of you who had GDUFA, PDUFA goal dates, or TADs scheduled for today, you may have to wait a day or two more for any actions to be issued and processed.   Scheduled inspections may be impacted, as well as getting those EIRs issued and reviewed.

Luckily, for industry, the storm hit over the weekend instead of the beginning of the week giving the city some time to open roads, plow parking lots, and shovel driveways and walks.  Hopefully, FDA will be back in business on Tuesday, but there will be some workers that will be stranded and unable to return to their desks for a few more days.

I know when I was at the Agency, a snow storm meant a day of talk about it when it was coming, a day to shovel and a day or two back at work talking about our shoveling experiences.  Just human nature I guess.  Living on the west coast it is easy to forget about how much trouble a major snow storm can cause.   But being in one can bring your memory back real quick!