Ready, Get Set, GO! OGD’s Move to White Oak Starts Next Week

Had trouble getting hold of someone at the Office of Generic Drugs (OGD) lately?  Just wait until next week!  The long awaited OGD move to White Oak starts next week and will stretch over at least three weeks.  Groups will be moved at different times and thus some phones will work and others will not.  For us old folks, we will have to remember all new phone numbers if we can find them.

Job openings have advertised OGD opportunities at the new campus since October 2013 (see announcement below), but the buzz about the move has seemed to have been kept under the radar.

Chemist – FDA/CDER Office of Generic Drugs – White Oak/Rockville, Maryland

October 24, 2013

Job Title: Chemist, GS-1320-13Department: Department Of Health And Human Services Agency: Food and Drug Administration Job Announcement Number: HHS-FDA-CDER-DE-14-977080Apply Here: …

Job Link: 

Company: FDA/CDER Office of Generic Drugs

Location: White Oak/Rockville, Maryland, United States
And here is an interesting excerpt from a slide from an October 2006 OGD presentation by Gary Buehler:


OGD is still projected to move to White Oak sometime in 2007OGD

Immediate Office has moved to 7519 Standish Place (MPN4)

So it only took 8 more years than expected, but remember that was not the first time this was heard.So batten down the hatches, this ship is finally set to sail.  Here is hoping that it lands safely and in one piece and can be found easily.